building sign removal st louis

Are you moving out of an old building and need to take your signage with you? Or, are you moving into a new building that has some other name on the front?

Genuine Signs removes signs, ensuring that the removal process is efficient and organized. Removing signs is more than loosening a few screws; it’s a delicate process of protecting the sign and the property itself. Professional sign removal includes:

  • Ensuring that all wiring and power sources are properly closed off
  • Removing all brackets and harnesses that support the sign
  • Protecting the sign from blemishes or scratches
  • Carefully packing sign sections for proper transportation
  • Repairing any structural damage made to the building by harness or brackets

Genuine Signs not only removes old signs, but also ensures that the property is restored to its’ original condition. If you have a sign removal project looming, let our technicians protect the integrity of your sign and property with our professional removal and remediation services!

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